Online entry for AAI Senior T&F Championships

The biggest event of the T&F season, the AAI Senior T&F Championships is coming up on the weekend 28-29 July in Santry.

Event programme

All Leevale athletes interested in competing at the meet must register on the online entry system below:

  • Select one or more events in either the senior men’s or women’s section to indicate your interest in competing.
  • Select only the events you will be competing in.
  • The club will then enter you for your selected events.
  • Choose carefully as there is a cost to the club for each entry.

Closing date for Leevale entries is Wednesday 18 July



Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)

AAI Reg. No.


Event PB(s)

Event SB(s) (if any)


100m200m400m800m1500m5000m10000m3K Steeplechase5K Walk100mH400mHHigh JumpLong JumpTriple JumpPole VaultShotDiscusJavelinHammer28fD

100m200m400m800m1500m5000m3K Steeplechase10K Walk110mH400mHHigh JumpLong JumpTriple JumpPole VaultShotDiscusJavelinHammer35fH56fH56fD

Other information (optional)

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