Updates from Stateside

Jason Foolkes of McNeese/Leevale finished 12th in the Baylor Cross Country Invitational recently, while Claire Gibbons of Western Kentucky/Leevale finished 2nd in one of her cross country meets.  Meanwhile up in New York Leevale’s Aidan O’Regan was making a return to competitive athletics with an excellent fourth placing in the Metropolitan Mile.  Aidan (red singlet on right of picture) finished in a time of 4:08.51 just one second behind Paul Mwangi (below), Rachid Razgaoui (274), and Larry Weiss (273).  Aidan has not been seen in a pair of racing shoes since his days as an outstanding junior and Villanova standout.  He has been living and working in New York since graduating from Villanova in 1991.  Welcome back Aidan!