Privacy Policy

This page details Leevale AC’s Privacy Policy and outlines how the information you provide to the club is processed. The information may be provided via our website or on paper forms.

Our website accepts information from both club members and non-members in the following areas:

  • Online club membership form
  • Purchases through our online shop, including gear, memberships, gym fobs, Leevale T&F entries
  • Registering an account on our site
  • Contact form
  • Internal entry system for Leevale athletes for upcoming events
  • Website comments
  • Subscription to email notifications
  • Subscription to SMS notifications
  • Registration for Leevale Summer Camp
  • Purchase of fob for High-Performance Centre

You may also provide data to the club on paper forms, or verbally for the following:

  • Club membership form
  • Entries for upcoming events


The following sections detail for each of the areas mentioned above, how the data you provide will be handled by the club.

1. Club membership form (online or paper): WIP

2. Online purchases: When purchasing online, you may provide personal details such as name, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, and email adress. If you have a website account (see Section 3, “Website accounts”), some of the details will be retrieved from this, if these details have previously been saved on our website. Submitting your order will send an email to the relevant Leevale officials to complete your order. Your personal details will not be sent to any third parties. As standard, emails will be deleted after a period of 2 years. Your order and personal details will also be saved on our website, however after 2 years all personal data will be deleted. Details of the order will remain indefinitely, but will not be associated with any personal details. Your credit card details are not stored on the Leevale website; these are instead managed by our payment gateway, Stripe. You can request a summary of, or deletion of your personal details at any time by contacting You can view your previous orders, where this data remains stored on our site, by visiting the Your account page. See Section 3, “Website accounts”, for terms attached to user accounts. Your credit card details will be processed and stored by Stripe according to their privacy policy. In providing your credit card details on the Leevale website, you agree to Stripe’s privacy policy.

3. Website accounts: An optional feature of the Leevale website is the ability to create a website account. It is possible to create an account when making online purchases (see Section 2, “Online purchases”), or when registering for email notifications (see Section 7, “Email notifications”), though it is not a requirement for either feature. Accounts may also be created by visiting the Your account page, and existing accounts can also be managed at this link. Accounts may hold any of the following information, all of which is optional: name, email address, phone number, billing address and shipping addres for use when making online purchases, other contact information such as website address or social media accounts. This information is stored in the website database and will not be shared or accessed by any parties other than the user and the website administrators. You can request deletion of your account at any time by contacting You can also request a summary of all data stored in the website database associated with your email address, or the deletion of this data, by contacting If you experience any difficulty with managing your user account please contact

4. Website contact form: The Leevale website’s Contact Form can be used to contact club officials. Using this form simply sends an email to The email will contain your name, email address, message subject and message text as provided on the form. No information will be stored on the website itself. The email may be forwarded to other club officials as necessary to deal with your query. Emails will not be forwarded to any third parties and emails will be deleted once your query has been resolved. You can request deletion of all emails at any time by contacting

5. Online entry system for Leevale athletes: During the athletics season, online entry forms will be posted on the Leevale website to allow Leevale athletes register their interst in comepeting in upcoming events. The information provided by the athlete is handled in the same manner as for the Contact Form (see Section 4, “Website contact form”). The information contained in the email will contain the following athlete details: name, email address, DOB, AAI registration number, Phone number, PB\SB, and event(s). The information may be cross-referenced with our membership database (see Section 1, “Club membership form”) to obtain additional or omitted details. Entry details will be sent to the relevant competition organiser, typically Athletics Ireland, Munster Athletics, Cork Athletics. Emails will be deleted by Leevale officials promptly after the date of competition. You can request deletion of all emails at any time by contacting

6. Website comments: The Leevale website provides the ability for users to comment on posts, events, and other material. These comments will be published once they are approved by the website administrator. Once published, comments will not normally be deleted. When adding a comment, you may be asked to provide your name and email address. If you are logged in to your website account (see Section 3, “Website accounts”), your name and email address will instead be automatically taken from your account details stored on the website. Your name and email address will be published alongside your comment once approved. When commenting, your IP address is also logged, but this will not be published. You can request deletion of any comments you have added by contacting You can also request a summary of all data stored in the website database associated with your email address, or the deletion of this data, by contacting

7. Email notifications: You can opt to receive email notifications whenever new material is posted to the Leevale website. This can be done at the Email Notifications page, where you can register for the service with your website account or by creating a new account (see Section 3, “Website accounts”), or without an account by simply providing an email address. Where an account is used, your data is handled as described in Section 3, “Website account”. In the case where an email address is registered without an account, this email address is stored in the website database without any associated personal information. You can unsubscribe at any time at the Email Notifications page. If you experience any difficulty with subscribing or unsubscribing, or with managing your user account please contact

8. SMS notifications: To do

9. Leevale Summer Camp: When registering for the Leevale Summer Camp online, the information and conditions in Section 2 (“Online purchases”) apply as standard. In addition, we will gather the following information during the registration process: for each child attending the camp, name, DOB, information on illnesses\allergies, as well as guardian name and contact phone number. This information will be retained for 2 years as standard, similar to other online purchases. See Section 2 for details. At the summer camp itself, photos may be taken for publication on the Leevale website. No details on the children appearing in the photos will be published.

10. High-Performance Centre: WIP