Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

While Mark Carroll was storming to 3,000m victory in Ghent, snooker player Ken Doherty was winning the Malta Grand Prix and golfer Darren Clarke was beating Tiger Woods at the World Matchplay Championship.  All three victories were discussed during Des Cahill’s Sportscall radio phone-in show on RTE Radio 1.  The show included a chat with Mark (and his mother) and John Treacy about Mark’s success in Ghent.  

Audio Clip Description File Size & Format
Complete 45 min. show in RealAudio Download (Mark on: 7:45 to 22:25) 2.9 Mb (REAL 
Mark on his race plan and being in control (31 sec) 668 kb (.WAV)
Mark on the Sydney Olympics and coping with the North Africans (28 sec) 612 kb (.WAV)
Mark on his love of the NBA and sounding like Man. United players (17 sec) 368 kb (.WAV)
Mark on the Canaries and taking a break (13 sec) 295 kb (.WAV)
Mark on Monday Night in Cork (14 sec) 316 kb (.WAV)