Constitution of Athletics Ireland Drafted

The new Constitution of Athletics Ireland has now been drafted and a copy sent to every club in Ireland.  Special information and consultative meetings will be held around the country, and the Cork meeting takes place on Saturday at 2pm in Jury’s hotel. One big change in the proposed constitution is that each club will be entitled to send motions and nominations directly to national congress, which will in future be held every two years.  Each club will also have one vote. Effectively this means that county boards will have no input whatsoever into the running of the association, and county board officers will have no vote at national congress.  On the competition side of things underage athletes will be bracketed together to form one age group – 19’s and 20’s together, 17’s/18’s, and 15’s/16’s.  In a way this should improve things as there can be no justification for having a full programme of events for every single age group. It should be an interesting and informative meeting on Saturday.