Leevale AGM Coming Up

Club AGM time is with us once again.  This is the time of year when clubs come together to review the year past and look forward to the coming year.  2001 is the year of the Volunteer, and, to be quite honest, most clubs could do with a few more people volunteering to undertake the huge workload that most clubs have in order to be successful.  Undoubtedly there are a lot of people out there who would love to become involved, but are waiting to be asked.  Sometimes, however, they never get asked for one reason or another.  Now is the time to offer help.  On Friday night the Leevale AGM takes place at the SMA Hall in Wilton starting at 7.30pm.  Sadly this is the last meeting that John Smyth will take the minutes as club secretary.  Over the years he has given trojan service to the club and will be missed.  However, he has agreed to take a committee position.  The club will reflect on another super year when the club dominated the local scene as well as making a mark at Munster and national levels.  Highlight was the performance of the womens team who placed third in the Mazda national league, the highest ever placing by the club.  There are a number of items on the agenda for Friday, not least the question of what to do with the clubhouse.  Should we sell it; continue with previous plans; simply improve the showers and generally paint the place; or just leave the place as it is.  The views of all members will be taken into account at the AGM.