Arthritis Research Campaign

ARCWe at the Arthritis Research Campaign (arc) have a vested interest in athletes as they present later in life with painful knees and hips which quite often need replacing.  If you know anyone who has had a hip/knee/other joint replaced you will know of our work if not our name.
More than 250000 people in Northern Ireland are affected by arthritis, including  young children.  It is of epidemic proportions here so any help is most welcome and of huge benefit to all communities across the country.  Across the UK as a whole, 7 million people, including 12,000 children have arthritis.
I wonder if we could set up a reciprocal link between our websites so that athletes can download free information on protecting their joints, exercising safely etc and at the same time hopefully decide to support us?
 We are currently trying to recruit arc runners for the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow on 7 September, but also for next year’s Edinburgh Marathon.   We have 5 individual places available and also 25 team places for the new relay event.  Team members complete the marathon but as it is a relay differing levels of fitness and ability are okay.
 Please would you circulate this e.mail far and wide?  The link for the website is
I look forward to hearing from you but you may prefer to contact our person in Northern Ireland, Charlotte Trinder.  Her e.mail is    
Evelyn Bell  Arthritis Research Campaign t 01738 710021 f 01738 710021