County Juvenile and 2x Competition, 18th May

The County Juvenile and 2x Competition will be held at the CIT next Sunday May 18th. The relay programme will start at 10:00am and the 2x competition is scheduled to commence at 12:00. It is important for all selected athletes to attend as these competitions are team events, and failure to attend may mean your team mates cannot compete. 


10.00 a.m. Check in Relays                       Sequence two


Girls         18            4x300m                      Girls         17            4x300m           

Boys         18            4x400m                      Boys         17            4x400m

Girls         13            4x100m                      Girls         19            4x400m

Boys         13            4x100m                      Boys         19            4x400m

Girls         15            4x100m                      Girls         14            4x100m

Boys         15            4x100m                      Boys         14            4x100m

Girls         17            4x100m                      Girls         16            4x100m

Boys         17            4x100m                      Boys         16            4x100m

Girls         19            4x100m                      Girls         18            4x100m

Boys         19            4x100m                      Boys         18            4x100m

Girls          9             4x100m                      Girls         10            4x100m           

Boys          9             4x100m                      Boys         10            4x100m

Girls         11            4x100m                      Girls         12            4x100m

Boys         11            4x100m                      Boys         12            4x100m



Second sequence will start 20 minutes after last final


CHECK IN 12 noon. 

Field Events Start  12.30 (events when athletes are available)

Boys u/12 Shot                   Girls u/10 Ball Throw

Girls u/12 shot                    Boys u/12 long Jump

Boys u/10 Ball Throw          Girls u/12 Long Jump

Girls u/11 Long Jump          Boys u/11 Long Jump

Girls 11 Ball Throw              Boys u/11 Ball Throw

Boys  u/10 Long Jump         Girls u/10 Long Jump


Girls  10            60m

Boys  10            60m

Girls  11            80m

Boys  11            80m

Girls  12            80m

Boys 12             80m

Girls 10             300m

Boys 10             300m

Girls u/11         500m

Boys u/11         500m

Girls 12             600m

Boys 12             600m