County Juveniles, Day 2

Day two of the County Juvenile Championships were held at the CIT, in perfect conditions. Leevale athletes turned out in strength and continued where they had left off on the previous Sunday.

Over the two days a number of athletes deserve special mention. Eric Stam won eight gold medals and one silver across the spectrum of track an field events. This is a testament to the multievent training that he does and it looks like Eric can look forward to a productive season. Shauna Fagan dominated the Girls U14 middle distance events with very strong performances in both the 800m & 1500m. Chelsie Wright won the girls U11 long jump, high jump and sprint. Eli Kadi won the Boys U11 high jump & sprint and took second in the long jump. In the U13 girls Emma O’Brien showed excellent form winning the sprint and Cliodhna  Hegarty cruised to victory in the 700m. Darren Lee won the boys U13 80m & sprint hurdles and also finished third in the high jump.

Boys U17 saw Leevale dominate many of the events with fine performances from Patrick Maher, Edmond O’Halloran and David Killeen. Edmond and Patrick continue to entertain the crowds with their ultra completive sprint hurdles with the camera required to separate them again today.

This was a good championships for the club and the athletes can now look forward to the Munster Championships next month.






2008 Cork County Juvenile T&F Championships, Day 1 & 2  
GIRLS U19 400m 1 Alana Quinn 61.99
GIRLS U18 100m 3 Aoife Joyce 14.8
GIRLS U18 200m 2 Aoife Joyce  
GIRLS U16 100m 1 Rebecca Corbett 13.11
GIRLS U16 100m 2 April Philpott 13.85
GIRLS U16 100m 3 Mairead Crowley 14.06
GIRLS U16 200m 3 Rebecca Corbett 26.96
GIRLS U16 80m Hurdles 1 April Philpott 14.56
GIRLS U15 100m 3 Renska Hodnett  
GIRLS U15 200m 3 Caroline Murnane  
GIRLS U15 250m Hurdles 3 Renska Hodnett 39.61
GIRLS U15 Long Jump 3 Caroline Murnane 4.30m
GIRLS U14 1500m 1 Shauna Fagan  
GIRLS U14 75m Hurdles 3 S. Ni Dheasmhunaigh 17.04
GIRLS U14 800m 1 Shauna Fagan 2.31.04
GIRLS U13 60m Hurdles 3 Emma O’Brien  
GIRLS U13 700m  1 Cliodhna Hegarty 2.17.83
GIRLS U13 80m Sprint 1 Emma O’ Brien  
GIRLS U13 80m Sprint 2 Cliodhna Hegarty  
GIRLS U13 High Jump 3 Nadine Murphy 1.20
GIRLS U12 60m Hurdles 1 Marie 0’Halloran  
GIRLS U12 60m Hurdles 2 Danielle O’Brien  
GIRLS U12 60m Hurdles 3 Asling McCarthy  
GIRLS U12 High Jump 2 Ciara Nalty 1.15m
GIRLS U12 High Jump 3 Marie O’Halloran 1.15m
GIRLS U12 Long Jump 1 Ciara Nalty 3.95
GIRLS U12 Long Jump 3 E. Ni Dheasmhunaigh 3.72
GIRLS U12 Sprint  1 Ciara Nalty  
GIRLS U12 Sprint  2 Marie O’Halloran  
GIRLS U11 60m Sprint 1 Chelsie Wright  
GIRLS U11 High Jump 1 Chelsie Wright 1.05
GIRLS U11 High Jump 3 Eimear Hallahan 0.90
GIRLS U11 Long Jump 1 Chelsie Wright 3.62m
GIRLS U10 300m 3  A Kiely  
GIRLS U10 Ball Throw 3 Hannah Humphries 17.93m
GIRLS U10 Long Jump 3 Hannah Humphries 3.15
BOYS U19 100m Sprint 1 David Quilligan  
BOYS U19 400m 1 Cathal Owens 50.27
BOYS U18 200m 1 Chris Murnane 23.64
BOYS U18 200m 3 Gary Collins  
BOYS U18 Shot Putt 2 Gary Collins 10.00m
BOYS U18 U18 Sprint  2 Gary Collins  
BOYS U17 100m Sprint 1 Patrick Maher  
BOYS U17 100m Sprint 2 Edmond O Halloran  
BOYS U17 100m Sprint 3 Jamie O’Herlihy  
BOYS U17 200m 1 Patrick Maher  
BOYS U17 200m 2 David Killeen  
BOYS U17 200m 3 Edmond O’Halloran  
BOYS U17 300m Hurdles 1 Patrick Maher 52.09
BOYS U17 Long Jump 1 Edmond O’ Halloran 5.78
BOYS U17 Long Jump 3 Jamie O’ Herlihy 5.17
BOYS U17 Sprint Hurdle 1 Edmond O’Halloran  
BOYS U17 Sprint Hurdle 2 Patrick Maher  
BOYS U15 200m 1 Eric Stam  
BOYS U15 Discus 2 Eric Stam 28.81
BOYS U15 Hammer 1 Eric Stam 41.20
BOYS U15 High Jump 1 Eric Stam 1.65m
BOYS U15 Javelin 1 Eric Stam  35.51m
BOYS U15 Javelin 2 Sean Forgarty 24.25m
BOYS U15 Javelin 3 Daire Walsh 23.86m
BOYS U15 Long Jump 1 Eric Stam 5.11
BOYS U15 Long Jump 3 Sean Fogarty 4.93
BOYS U15 Pole Vault 1 Eric Stam 2.40
BOYS U15 Pole Vault 3 Daire Walsh 2.10
BOYS U15 Shot 1 Eric Stam 10.46
BOYS U15 Shot 2 Daire Wash 10.41
BOYS U15 Sprint Hurdle 1 Eric Stam  
BOYS U14 200m 1 Robert O’Halloran 29.44
BOYS U14 200m 2 Cian McCarthy 36.04
BOYS U14 75m Hurdles 2 Robert O’ Halloran 13.47
BOYS U14 Hammer 3 Robert O’Halloran 25.84
BOYS U14 Shot Putt 3 Robert O’Halloran 8.79m
BOYS U14 Sprint 2 Robert O’Halloran  
BOYS U13 80m Sprint 1 Darren Lee  
BOYS U13 High Jump 2 Darren Lee 1.25m
BOYS U13 Sprint Hurdle 1 Darren Lee  
BOYS U12 700m 2 Peter Fagan 2.12.85
BOYS U12 High Jump 1 Eli Kadi 1.30
BOYS U12 Long Jump 2 Eli Kadi 3.87
BOYS U12 Shot Putt 3 Daire O’Sullivan 7.20m
BOYS U12 Sprint  1 Eli Kadi  
BOYS U12 Sprint  3 Daire O’Sullivan  
BOYS U11 500m 3 Matthew Murnane 1.33.69
BOYS U11 60m Sprint 3 Brian Flahive  
BOYS U11 High Jump 2 Jack Murphy 1.15m
BOYS U11 High Jump 3 Barry Shanahan 1.10m
BOYS U11 Shot 2 Sean O’ Callaghan 5.87
Results and data are extracted from Cork County Website