Sports Studies with UCC

UCC has incorporated the measurement and analysis of Leevale athletes’ fitness & conditioning into the Sports Studies Degree. This exercise will provide UCC students with practical applications for their course, while Leevale athletes will be provided with detailed analysis of the various aspects of their condition and fitness.

Junior & Senior Leevale athletes interested in participating in this programme should contact John Sheehan.

The initial measurement of the athletes will take place over three consecutive Thursday Evenings at UCC track, beginning on Thursday Nov 6th. Athletes must be warmed up and ready for 7:00pm each evening

The following are a number of the items that will be measured over the three weeks.

Week 1 Nov 6th 7:00pm
– Acceleration & Deceleration

Week 2 Nov 13th 7:00pm
– Anaerobic Capacity & Anaerobic Endurance

Week 3 Nov 20th 7:00pm
– Reaction Speeds
– 200m/400m Splits

The results from all the testing will be fed back individually and comparison made to group averages and/or elite database values as appropriate. The results will also be given to the coaching staff for comment and analysis