County Juvenile Championships, Day 1

Leevale juvenile athletes had a great first day at the 2010 County Championships. The day started with the relays which Leevale dominated and progressed to the track and field events where Leevale athletes were to the fore of many of the events.

It was great to see so many athletes participating in throwing events. The new found interest in throwing is testament to the efforts of throws coach Brian Hayes.

Congratulations to all the Leevale athletes who competed at the county championships, especially those competing for the first time and those competing in new events.

Leevale Results:

Event Name Pos Perf
BU19 100m Hugh Hadyen 2
BU19 400m David Killeen 1
BU19 Javelin Hugh Hayden 3 15.5
BU18 300mH Kaodichinma Ogbene 1
BU17 300mH Luke Hickey 1
BU17 400m Luke Hickey 1
BU17 400m Ryan Casey 2
BU17 1500m Philip Crowley 3
BU17 LJ Ryan Casey 1 5.52
BU17 Discus James Heffernan 3 20.76
BU17 TJ Ryan Casey 1 10.60
BU16 250mH Robert Nagle 1
BU16 HJ Robert Nagle 1 1.50
BU15 250mH Darren Lee 1
BU15 100m Darren Lee 1
BU14 200mH Daniel O’Mahony 1
BU14 200mH David Hurley 3
BU14 60mH Daniel O’Mahony 1
BU14 Jav David Hurley 3
BU13 80m Seán O’Callaghan 2
BU13 Jav Luke Ring 1 18.85
BU13 Jav Matthew Murnane 3 16.03
BU10 300m Adam Idah 1
BU10 LJ Adam Idah 1 3.31
BU10 LJ Tareke Wright 2 3.29
BU9 Ball Throw Luke Horgan 2 20.94
GU17 300m Caroline Murnane 2
GU16 80mH Lydia O’Connor 3
GU15 250mH Emma O’Brien 3
GU15 100m Emma O’Brien 2
GU15 HJ Nadine Murphy 2 1.35
GU14 200mH Marie O’Halloran 1
GU14 200mH Katie Crowley 2
GU14 200mH Eirne Ní Dheasmhunaigh 3=
GU14 80mH Marie O’Halloran 1
GU14 80mH Eirne Ní Dheasmhunaigh 2
GU14 80mH Katie Crowley 3
GU14 1500m Louise Shanahan 3
GU14 LJ Marie O’Halloran 1 4.25
GU13 80m Chelsie Wright 1
GU13 80m Taylor Murphy 3
GU10 300m Katelyn Coffey 3
GU9 60m Julie Lankford 3
GU9 Ball Throw Julie Lankford 1 17.07

4x100m Relay Results:

Team Pos
Girls U10 1
Boys U10 2
Girls U12 3
Boys U12 2
Girls U14A 1
Girls U14B 3
Boys U14A 1
Boys U14B 3
Girls U16 2
Boys U18 1

Full boys results

Full girls results

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