Gneeveguilla Open Sports Results

A great day was had by all Leevale athletes who attended the Gneeveguilla Open Sports yesterday with plenty of good competition.


Event Name Pos Perf
GU8 50m Caitlin Hennessy 2
GU8 100m Caitlin Hennessy 2
GU8 LJ Caitlin Hennessy 2 2.70
BU8 50m Darragh Murphy 1
BU8 100m Darragh Murphy 1
GU11 60m Chloe McCarthy 1
GU11 LJ Chloe McCarthy 2 3.78
GU14 80m Laura Murphy 1
GU15 100m Laura McCarthy 3
GU15 LJ Laura McCarthy 1 4.10