Circuit Training – Update

Circuit training for juvenile and junior athletes is now underway on Friday evenings at the Leevale clubhouse in Dalton’s Avenue.

Juvenile Circuits U12-U15 athletes: 6:00 – 7:15pm

Junior Circuit Training (by invite only): 6:45 – 8:16pm


Circuit training is an efficient and challenging form of conditioning that develops strength, endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), flexibility and coordination all in one exercise session. It is one of the few forms of fitness training that has been shown to effectively develop both strength and cardiovascular fitness in the same exercise session.

The term “circuit training” describes the way a workout is structured rather than the type of exercise performed. It typically consists of a series of exercises or stations completed in succession with minimal rest in between.

There are strong benefits for all competitive athletes to attend circuit training. The age specific circuit programmes are designed to improve strength & conditioning of the participating athletes. Athletes must commit to the full circuit programme which is incrementally progressive and continues until the end of March in order to get maximum benefit.