Munster Junior, U23, Senior & Masters Indoor Championships

A strong contingent of Leevale athletes travelled to Nenagh today to compete in the 2014 Munster Junior, U23, Senior & Masters Indoor Championships. It was a great day for the club with a total of 40 podium finishes.


Junior Women 60mH Jane Pennyfeather 2nd  9.97
Junior Men 60mH Sam Healy 1st  8.51
U23 Men 60mH Younelie Froger 2nd 9.15
Senior men 60mH Benjamin Guillou 1st 8.92
Junior Women 60m Marie O’Halloran 2nd 8.19
U23 Women 60m Shona Lowe 1st 7.86
U23 Men 60m Kaodichinma Ogbene 3rd 7.38
Senior Men 60m Benjamin Guillou 1st 7.13
Senior Men 60m David Quilligan 2nd 7.13
Junior Women 400m Louise Shanahan 1st  58.07
Junior Women 400m Jane Pennyfeather 3rd 1.02.75
U23 Women 400m Jessica Neville 1st 1.00.41
U23 Women 400m Christine Neville 2nd 1.01.23
Senior Women 400m Andrea Bickerdike 2nd 1.02.09
Senior Men 400m Thomas O’Sullivan 2nd 52.43
Senior Women 800m Claire McSweeney 1st 2.15.12
Junior Men 800m TJ Hogan 3rd 2.10.35
Junior Women 200m Kate Waterman 2nd 26.45
U23 Women 200m Jessica Neville 2nd 26.84
U23 Women 200m Shona Lowe 3rd 27.2
Senior Women 200m Lorraine Corr 2nd 28.82
U23 Men 200m Kaodichinma Ogbene 3rd 24.07
Senior Men 200m Thomas O’Sullivan 1st  23.2
Junior Women 1500m Louise Shanahan 1st  4.53.00
Senior Women 1500m Claire McSweeney 1st 4.56.00
Senior Women 1500m Michelle Finn 2nd 4.57.11
Senior Women 1500m Niamh Walsh 3rd 5.00.90
U23 Men 5K walk Luke Hickey 1st 20.22.22
Senior Women 3000m Sinead O’Connor 1st 10.18.10
Senior Men 3000m James Grufferty 1st 9.04.93
Senior Men 3000m Eric Curran 3rd  9.12.72
Junior Men Relay Leevale 2nd 1.37.86
Junior Women Relay Leevale 1st 1.50.15
Junior Men HJ Sam Healy 3rd 1.90m
Senior Men HJ Benjamin Guillou 2nd 1.75m
U23 Women LJ Jessica Sheehan 1st 5.30m
Junior Men LJ Sam Healy 1st 7.01m CBP
Senior Men LJ David Quilligan 1st 7.12m
Senior Men LJ Benjamin Guillou 2nd 6.86m
U23 Men TJ Younelie Froger 2nd 12.70m

Provisional results

Sinead O'Connor & James Grufferty 3K Senior Munster Champions

Sinead O’Connor & James Grufferty, 3K Senior Munster Champions