National Apparel Protocol


Could you please make all of the clubs in your County/Region aware of the protocol around competition apparel.

While the rule about singlets is strictly adhered to, it is becoming increasing common for athletes to wear shorts which are inappropriate for the following reasons:

  • National Apparel is to be worn only when representing Ireland at International Competition. No athlete should compete wearing Athletics Ireland shorts at a National Event.
  • In general shorts should be single colour, not patterned. While a Nike/Adidas etc logo is acceptable, multi-coloured or patterned shorts are not.
  • Where possible shorts should complement the singlet, if in doubt black is always acceptable.

It is not in the best interest of any athlete that they be asked to changed their shorts when they appear in the assembly area, the most appropriate way to deal with this is through communication with the athletes/clubs in advance of events.

I appreciate your help with this.

Best wishes,



Moira Aston

Office Manager

Athletics Ireland