New Throwing Group Online

A new group for throwers has launched on Facebook under the name of Rebel Throwing.

This is a closed group and intended for Throwers, Coaches, and those with an interest in these athletic events. This group will facilitate Athletes/Coaches club officials to keep in touch and share information on all aspects of the throws.

Group members are encouraged to upload items of interest such as:
· Upcoming competitions, workshops, training opportunities
· Results, statistics, personal bests.
· Training plans, throwing techniques, weight programmes, specific exercises, drills.
· Technical videos, action photos, diagrams, coaching tips.
· Information on throwing implements, footwear, gloves, weight belts, apparel.
· Articles of interest.

Given that the throwing community is spread out throughout the country, and in many cases quite isolated, it is hoped that by utilising this group athletes can keep each other informed, and updated.
Shortly you will receive an email from Rebel Throwing inviting you to join the group.

Please feel free to accept, also if you know of other athletes that might be interest in this venture please pass on the word.