Ferrybank AC Open Track & Field Sports

Ferrybank Athletic Club will hold their annual Open Track & Field Sports at Waterford RSC on Sunday April 12th 2015. The start time 12 noon.

This is always a great, professionally run, fun event and it can’t be recommended high enough.

Events: (boys & girls separate)
U8 (2008): 60m LJ
U9 (2007): 60m 300m T. Jav
U10 (2006): 80m 300m LJ
U11 (2005): 80m 500m T. Jav
U12 (2004): 80m 500m 60m hurdles HJ Shot
U13 (2003): 80m 700m 60m hurdles LJ
U14 (2002): 80m 700m 75m hurdles HJ Shot
U15 (2001): 100m 800m 80m hurdles LJ
U16 (2000): 100m 800m 80m/100m hurdles HJ Shot
U17 (1999): 100m 800m Jav
Junior (1999/8/7/6): 100m 800m HJ LJ
Senior: 100m 1500m
Masters: 100m 1500m

Race Walk: Juvenile 1500m (u 14 – 19) one race all ages 3 medals for boys, 3 for girls
Senior – Masters 1500m : one race all categories 3 medals for men, 3 for ladies

Relays (boys and girls separate): 4x100m U9, 11, 13, 15
Mixed Relays U17, Junior (at least two girls on team)

Entrance Fee: €4 adults & children – Relay team entry fee €6 per team

Medals: First three in each event and first three teams in relays

Athletes compete in their own age group but can move up one age group in field events and relays Under 17 upwards may compete in junior & senior events

There will be a perpetual shield awarded to the best club

Further information from Bríd Golden 087-6889330