Medal Fest For Leevale At AI Juvenile Relays

Leevale relay teams were on fire at the All Ireland Juvenile relay championships, with Leevale teams standing on the podium on 11 occasions with a total of 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze place finish. 

Well done to all the teams who travel and competed and to coaches Derek Coffey & John Naughton for having them so well prepared. 

Leevale Results:

  • GU13 4x100m Gold
  • GU14 4x100m Bronze
  • GU16 4x100m Gold
  • GU18 4x400m Silver
  • GU18 4x100m Gold
  • BU15 4x100m Gold
  • BU16 4x100m Bronze
  • BU17 4x100m Gold
  • BU18 4x100m Gold
  • BU19 4x400m Gold
  • BU19 4x100m Gold