14 Records Set By Leevale Athletes at Munster Juvenile Championships

This year the Juvenile Munster Championships U12-19 championships were held over two weekends with the first day in Templemore and last Saturday and Sunday in Castleisland. Leevale athletes were in scintillating form winning a total of 126 medals with 14 Championship Best Performances. 

Okwu Backari set a record in the GU14 75m hurdles in 1173. She also won the long jump & was second in 80m sprint. Aisling Cassidy set a new record of 11.38m in the GU19 triple jump. Kate Moynihan had a championship best performance in the GU19 javelin with a throw of 42.73m. Ryan Onoh set a new record in the BU12 60m with 8.34 and long jump with 4.88m, Ryan also won the high jump with 1.45m. 

Jayden Umeh set a new record in the BU12 shot putt with 11.27m, he finished 2nd in the long jump, 3rd in the sprint and 3rd in the high jump.

John Cashman has three championship records  in the BU14 80m (9.70), 200m (24.39) and 75m hurdles (11.01).

Harry Nevin won the BU16 250m hurdles is a CBP with 32.65. Wymin Sivakumar set BU18 trample jump record with 13.79 and Ryan O’Leary set a BU19 100m record with 11.14. 

See full Leevale results below:

  Event Pos Name Perf  
GU12 Turbo Javelin 1 Ella Dinan 19.63m  
GU13 80m 3 Natalia Golka 11.17  
GU13 60mH 3 Natalia Golka 10.53  
GU14 80m 2 Okwu Backari 10.53  
GU14 200m 2 Fatima Amusa 26.81  
GU14 75mH 1 Okwu Backari 11.73 CBP
GU14 75mH 2 Fatima Amusa 11.78  
GU14 800m 2 Nicole Dinan 2:24.58  
GU14 800m 3 Claire Crowley 2:25.85  
GU14 1500m 1 Nicole Dinan 5:05.95  
GU14 1500m 2 Hannah Arrigan 5:08.23  
GU14 Long Jump 3 Okwu Backari 5.09m  
GU14 High Jump 2 Maeve Fleming 1.50m  
GU14 Pole Vault 2 Lucie Healy 2.10m  
GU14 Pole Vault 3 Orla O’Sullivan 1.80m  
GU14 Shot 2 Briana Onoh 10.74m  
GU14 Discus 3 Briana Onoh 20.84m  
GU14 4x100m 1 Leevale A.C. 53.49  
GU15 100m 1 Ella Jenks 12.61  
GU15 200m 1 Ella Jenks 26.04  
GU15 800m 1 Katie O’Keeffe 2:22.10  
GU15 800m 2 Marie Hynes McLoughlin 2:23.76  
GU15 800m 3 Aine Power 2:30.01  
GU15 1500m 1 Katie O’Keeffe 4:54.72  
GU15 800m 3 Marie Hynes McLoughlin 4:59.22  
GU15 250mH 3 Jessica Lyne 40.81  
GU15 4x100m 1 Leevale A.C. 51.86  
GU16 100m 1 Lucy Sleeman 12.52s  
GU16 100m 3 Ella Scott 12.87  
GU16 200m 1 Lucy Sleeman 26.25  
GU16 80mH 1 Ella Scott 11.74  
GU16 80mH 2 Lucy Sleeman 11.96  
GU16 250mH 1 Ella Scott 36.53  
GU16 Pole Vault 1 Una Brice 2.70m  
GU16 Pole Vault 3 Ciara Neff 2.25m  
GU16 Shot 3 Brenda Onoh 10.00m  
GU16 4x100m 1 Leevale A.C. 51.25  
GU17 100m 2 Emily Wall 12.95  
GU17 100m 3 Ava Cashman 13.04  
GU17 200m 2 Ellie Hurley 27.02  
GU17 200m 3 Ava Cashman 27.49  
GU17 800m 2 Patrice Holmes 2:26.73  
GU17 100mH 2 Emily Wall 16.71  
GU17 300mH 1 Emily Wall 47.44  
GU17 Long Jump 3 Emily Wall 5.01m  
GU17 Triple Jump 1 Orlaith Onoh 10.09m  
GU17 Shot 2 Holly Umeh 11.71m  
GU19 Triple Jump 1 Aisling Cassidy 11.38m CBP
GU19 Javelin 1 Katie Moynihan 42.37m CBP
BU12 60m 1 Ryan Onoh 8.34 CBP
BU12 60m 3 Jayden Umeh 8.61  
BU12 Long Jump 1 Ryan Onoh 4.88m CBP
BU12 Long Jump 2 Jayden Umeh 4.68m  
BU12 High Jump 1 Ryan Onoh 1.45m  
BU12 High Jump 3 Jayden Umeh 1.25m  
BU12 Shot 1 Jayden Umeh 11.27m CBP
BU12 Turbo Javelin 3 Oscar Naughton 25.73m  
BU13 High Jump 2 Diarmuid Bannon 1.35m  
BU13 Pole Vault 1 Alex Neff 1.80m CBP
BU14 80m 1 John Cashman 9.70 CBP
BU14 200m 1 John Cashman 24.39 CBP
BU14 75mH 1 John Cashman 11.01s CBP
BU15 80mH 1 Sean Carmody 12.45  
BU15 250mH 1 Sean Carmody 36.85  
BU15 Long Jump 1 Kyle Ettoh 5.35m  
BU15 Pole Vault 1 Josh Fitzgerald 2.70m  
BU15 Javelin 1 Josh Fitzgerald 40.22m  
BU15 Discus 3 Josh Fitzgerald 24.35m  
BU16 200m 3 Brendan O’Donoghue 25.18  
BU16 100mH 1 Conor Callinan 14.12  
BU16 100mH 3 Colin Murphy 14.79  
BU16 250mH 1 Harry Nevin 32.65 CBP
BU16 250mH 3 Conor Callinan 35.02  
BU16 Pole Vault 1 Conor Callinan 3.65m  
BU16 Pole Vault 3 Alex Ademola 2.55m  
BU17 100m 2 James Ezeonu 11.66  
BU17 200m 2 James Ezeonu 23.18  
BU17 1500m 1 Adam Kiely 4:15.36  
BU17 100mH 1 James Ezeonu 14.32s  
BU17 High Jump 3 Jonah Osobase 1.63m  
BU18 100m 3 Jack McGrath 11.72  
BU18 200m 3 Jack McGrath 23.18  
BU18 Triple Jump 1 Wymin Sivakumar 13.79m CBP
BU18 Javelin 1 Cathal Scanlon 51.75m  
BU19 100m 1 Ryan O’Leary 11.14 CBP
BU19 100m 2 Marc Jones 11.53  
BU19 200m 1 Marc Jones 23.53  
BU19 400m 1 Marc Jones 52.63  

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