County Cross-Country Championships 2020 Notice

HSE/Government Covid Guidelines mean that there are significant Restrictions on the total number of people on site.  As a result the County Board will implement specific measures, for this year only, to control access to the Cross Country venue, and the way the event is conducted.

Day 1, Sunday October 4th, will set the standard to see if Cork Athletics County Board can manage to host the three subsequent Cross Country Championship meets. Everyone must take personal responsibility for their own behaviour, and that of those they are responsible for, and do everything that they can to make the event safe for everyone present.

Changes to these Guidelines/Conditions

These guidelines/conditions were drafted while Cork was in Covid Level 2, and are subject to change or additions at very short notice

Statement from Cork Athletics County Board

It is clear that we are limited to a maximum number of attendees, comprising of competitors, parents or guardians, officials and support personnel. Consequently it has been decided that juveniles will be confined to their own age, otherwise, even with the conditions outlined here, the overall numbers on site cannot be managed within Government guidelines.

To avoid close contact in the finish area, and remove the necessity for a finishing chute, chip numbers will be used for all races this year. As chip numbers are required, entries must be submitted no later than ten (10) days before the event. Consequently late entries CANNOT be facilitated.


Day 1 – Sunday October 4th       
Under 14 Girls Under 14 Boys Under 16 Girls Under 16 Boys Under 23 Women Novice Women Under 23 Men Novice Men
3k 3k 4k 4k  One Race – 4k   One Race – 6k
Born 2007 Born 2007 Born 2005 Born 2005        
Day 2 – Sunday October 11th
Under 10 Girls Under 10 Boys Under 12 Girls Under 12 Boys Junior Women Junior Men Senior Women Senior Men
1k 1k 2k 2k 4k 5k 8k 10k
Born 2011 Born 2011 Born 2009 Born 2009 (inc U17 & 18) (inc U17 & 18)    
Day 3 – Sunday October 25th
Under 13 Girls Under 13 Boys Under 15 Girls Under 15 Boys Masters Women Masters Men    
2.5k 2.5k 3.5k 3.5k 4k 7k    
Born 2008 Born 2008 Born 2006 Born 2006 (and O/65 Men)      
Day 4 – Sunday November 1st
Under 9 Girls Under 9 Boys Under 11 Girls under 11 Boys Intermediate Women Intermediate Men    
750m 750m 1.5k 1.5k  5k  8k    
Born 2012 Born 2012 Born 2010 Born 2010        


Before the event

The County Board will hold a Zoom meeting for Club Covid Officers, on Monday 28th September. Each participating club should notify County Board Hon. Secretary, Anne Murray as soon as possible, so that she can send them the Zoom meeting login details.


Club Co-ordinators

Each club must nominate a co-ordinator/delegate/official/coach to collect race numbers before each race.
There must be a Different official/coach/parent to look after each clubs athletes for EACH INDIVIDUAL RACE, e.g. Under-14 Girls official will brings the club’s athletes to the start line, and then brings them back to their cars after their race, and all must leave the venue immediately. The field will be cleared for the next race and a different official will then take charge of the Under-14 boys, and follow the same procedure as set out previously, and so on with next age group.


Entry Forms

Entry forms will be available today, Monday September 21st,  on the Cork Athletics website (under Forms on the Main Menu).  Closing date for entries for events on Day 1 is Thursday next, September 24th. [This is to ensure that race numbers can be printed and returned to Competition Secretary, Ina Killeen, for checking, sorting into appropriate club and age groupings, and packaged for pickup on the day. Forms should be emailed to Cork Athletics Competition Secretary, Ina Killeen