Level 5 Covid Update

As we enter Level 5 restrictions, Leevale training sessions have been modified to ensure that we are fully compliant with the Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19. 

Senior Athletes: All senior training sessions are suspended for the duration of level 5 restrictions. Senior athletes are not permitted to use the athletic track or HPC, but may continue to train as individuals within 5K of their home.  Please contact your coach to review your training plan. 

Juvenile Athletes: Non Contact training for school going athletes will continue as normal, outdoors in pods of 15. Level 5 Covid guidance  allows an exception to travel greater than 5km to take school aged children to permitted training. Athletes must only attend a session at the invitation of their coach so parents/guardians should stay in close contact with your child’s coach for ongoing updates. 

The usual covid 19 precautions applies; all athletes must bring hand sanitiser, there can be no physical contact, social distancing must be observed.

High Performance Centre: The HPC is now closed and will remained closed for the duration of the level 5 restrictions. 

Elite Athletes: Leevale AC is able to organise access to training facilities for our Elite Athletes. Athletes seeking to access training facilities must provide a letter from their federation confirming their elite status. 

All our athletes and club members are encouraged to keep on training and prepared for future competition. Stay in contact with your coach and fellow club members. Please adhere to all health guidelines. Please be considerate to the pubic when training in public parks  or on the roadway. 

In the meantime stay safe and stay fit, We look forward to the return of all Leevale Athletes at the start of December.