2023 Membership Leevale AC

As we approach our end of year and the well deserved break before we hit the ground running for the start of the Indoor season in January your membership renewal will soon become due.

As we can all appreciate the costs associated with running our Club have escalated in recent years, no more so than this year. While our Club is always slow to increase fees to our members – we have not adjusted fees in over 5 years – we need to meet rising costs related to items such as track rental, entry fees and equipment. We have therefore taken the necessary decision to adjust our fees from 1st January 2023; in addition we are also implementing an annual fob renewal charge of € 20:


Category Membership Fee
Juveniles €120
2 Juveniles €200
Seniors €180
Students €120
OAPs €100
Family Memberships (up to 4 juveniles plus one adult from the same immediate family) €260
HPC Access – Fob €50 initial purchase fee; €20 annual renewal fee thereafter


  1. All renewals must be completed on or before 31st January 2023. Membership renewal is required for continued attendance at training after the 31st January 2023.
  2. For those competing during the month of January, the membership renewal must be completed in advance of the club’s deadline for the submission of entries – to be confirmed in due course.
  3. Membership should only be renewed via https://www.leevale.org/product/leevale-membership/
  4. For athletes born on or after 2008, you will need to use the code lvmem2023 to complete the registration process – this code must also be used for family memberships where any members under same are born on or after 2008.
  5. If you are a coach with the club you are still required to register for membership, please email registrar@leevale.org for your membership code.


  1. For current fob holders the €20 renewal fee only will apply; should you wish to retain your fob and continued access to the HPC it is important that you select fob renewal when completing your annual membership renewal. Please note that a review of fobs and HPC access will be conducted at the start of February 2023 with any unpaid memberships and fob renewals resulting in fob deactivation thereafter.
  2. HPC fobs can only be purchased by and/or for those over the age of 16; the HPC should only be accessed by those who have registered for the fob or, when under the age of 18, as part of a group with a Leevale coach or other authorised coaches. Please refer to the HPC booking facility for availability before attending. Please note that those from the age of 16 but under the age of 18 may be permitted to access to the HPC on an individual basis and without a coach with the joint permission of the Coaching Co-Ordinator and the Child Welfare Officers.
  3. All users of the HPC are expected to abide by the rules of the facility which are there to ensure all users are in a position to utilise this resource in a constructive and positive manner – should you require clarification on use including booking times please refer to https://www.leevale.org/product/leevale-hpc-membership/ in the first instance.

Should you have any queries please email registrar@leevale.org.