HP Centre Reservations

HP Centre Calendar

Use the calendar below to view bookings for the Leevale HP Centre. You can make an individual booking using the form below the calendar.



HP Centre Booking

As part of HSE Covid-19 guidelines, until further notice, athletes cannot use the Leevale HP Centre without an advance booking. Use the following form to make an individual booking for the HP Centre.

  • All booking slots are one hour.
  • One booking per athlete is required. Single bookings for multiple athletes are not permitted
  • To limit the number of athletes in the centre at any one time, there is a maximum of 5 individual bookings per time slot.
  • To make a booking select a date and time below. The number of remaining bookings available at each time slot are shown.
  • The name you provide in the booking form will be displayed on the public calendar above. No other information, e.g. email address, phone number, will be displayed
  • Some slots may be used by groups for training with a coach. These will be unavailable for individual bookings.

Note: if you are a coach looking to book a group session, please use the group booking calendar