Leevale – Early Years Photo

Leevale Athletes - Early Years

Leevale Athletes – Early Years

This is a photo of Leevale athletes and coaches from the early years. Can you name them? If so please leave your answers in the comments section below. Click on the photo for a larger version.


  • Mid Row: AN Other1: perhaps David Varian?
    AN Other2: the multi talented and oftentimes All -Ireland Champion Finbarr O’ Leary

  • Back row,Micheal Walsh,Der OLeary, Pat Duggan, Jerry Murphy,Gene Mealy, Tim ODonovan, Tony OLeary,Joe OFlynn, Liam Horgan, Dick Hodgins, Jackie OCallaghan, Donie Walsh. Mid ROW.sEAN ofLYNN, a n oTHER a n OTHER, mICHAEL mURPHY, dER oriordan. Front, Fionnula Morrish Freda Horgan, Rita Long, Jo. OLeary, and Marie Buckley.

  • michael walsh, tony o lear y, jakkckie o callaghan, der o riordan, (ithink joe o flynn,rip) donie of course, struggling after that!