Record Entries At Leevale 2017 Juvenile T&F Meet




The Leevale 2017 Juvenile T&F meet was held at the CIT track today. A record number of athletes from all over Munster and beyond attended the sports. The weather was ideal, warm and mild, which added to the enjoyment of the day for all.

Athletes had a huge choice of events; sprints, hurdles, middle distance, high jump, long jump, shot putt, turbo javelin, javelin and relays. The day ran smoothly and to schedule, thanks to all the officials who volunteered their time.

CIT provides the perfect venue for a top class athletes meet, with the best all-round athletics venue in the country and staff who could not be more helpful.

There were many notable performances during the day, with Athlete of the Meet going to athlete Reece Ademola of Leevale, who won the BJ16 HJ high jump with a massive 1.75m, won the BU15 sprint hurdles and the BU15 Long Jump, was second in the BU15 shot putt with 10.93m and came second in the BU15 sprint.

Results below


  Boys U8 Sprint   Girls U8 Sprint  
1 Ire Solanke St. Micheal’s   Beth Barry Leevale  
2 Alan Hanlon Croughwell   Lucy Raicevic Finisk Valley  
3 Abdul Ramen Leevale   Kim Lynch Tracton  
  Boys U9 Sprint   Girls U9 Sprint  
1 Eddie Raicevic Finisk Valley   Destiny Lawal Dooneen  
2 Ezekiel Osobas Leevale   Leah Bolger Bray  
3 Brian Chinda St. Michael’s   Aine Frawley St. Mary’s  
  Boys U10 Sprint   Girls U10 Sprint  
1 Ade Solanke St .Micheal’s   Ava Hanley Belgooly  
2 Ryan Onoh Leevale   Allie Dromey Belgooly  
3 Anthony Goggin Leevale   Maeve Purtill Dooneen  
  Boys U11 Sprint   Girls U11 Sprint  
1 Austin Tayoro Ballymore-Cobh   Rosemary Alamu Midleton  
2 Odhran O’Sullivan Midleton   Naomi Ikpotokin St. Michael’s  
3 Ryan McCarthy Ballymore-Cobh   Orla O’Shaughnessy Dooneen  
  Boys U12 Sprint   Girls U12 Sprint  
1 Jaden Carmody Dooneen   Hannah Falley Belgooly  
2 John Cashman Leevale   Fatima  Leevale  
3 Joint-Denis Matthew Dooneen   Owki  Leevale  
3 Theo Desouza Carrignavar        
  Boys U13 Sprint   Girls U13 Sprint  
1 John Ikpotokin St Micheal’s   Debbie Lawal Dooneen  
2 Sean Carmody Belgooly   Victoria Amradamen Dooneen  
3 Joel Joseph Midleton   Kate Farley Riverstick-Kinsale  
  Boys U14 Sprint   Girls U14 Sprint  
1 Colin Murphy     Ella Scott Leevale  
2 James Sage Nenagh Olympic   Lucy May Sleeman Leevale  
3 Ollye Maris     Sarah Butler Dooneen  
        Girls U15 Sprint  
        Sally Dickson Dooneen  
        Emily Wall Leevale  
        Oyinkan Adedeji Dooneen  
  Boys U16 Sprint   Girls U16 Sprint  
1 Wymin Sivakmar Leevale   Nicki Stevankova Dooneen  
2 Cillian Griffin Tralee Harriers   April Keenan Menapians  
3 Rob Twomey Leevale   Leah Farley Riverstick-Kinsale  
  Boys U12 Hurdles   Girls U12 Hurdles  
1 Evan Bowucan Ballymore-Cobh   Leagh Moloney Dooneen  
2 Cormac Byrne Leevale   Catherine Ryan Killarney Valley  
3 James Harrington Bantry   Poppy Devereaux Youghal  
  Boys U13 Hurdles   Girls U13 Hurdles  
1 George Alamu Midleton   Jessica Lyne Leevale  
2 Sean Carmody Belgooly   Molly Quirke Dooneen  
3 Evan Hallinaw Cragughwell   Kate Farley Riverstick-Kinsale  
  Boys U14 Hurdles   Girls U14 Hurdles  
1 Colm Mulcahy Leevale   Ella Scott Leevale  
2 Conor Callanan Leevale   Lucy May Sheenan Leevale  
3 James Sage Nenagh Olympic   Sarah Butler Dooneen  
  Boys U15 Hurdles Hurdles   Girls U15 Hurdles Hurdles  
1 Reece Ademola Leevale   Oyinkan Adedeji Dooneen  
2 Hugh Collins Leevale   Susan Newton Nenagh Olympic  
3 Jessie Lawal Dooneen   Sara Zia Buckley Leevale  
  Boys U16 Hurdles Hurdles   Girls U16 Hurdles Hurdles  
1 Wymin Sivakmar Leevale   Maeve Hayes St Paul’s  
2 Jack McGrath Leevale        
3 Cillian Griffin Tralee Harriers        
  Boys U10 300m Race 1   Girls U10 300m Race 1  
1 Ade Solanke St. Micheal’s   Fiona Power North Cork  
2 Sean Higgins North Cork   Destiny Lawal Dooneen  
3 Cian Power Leevale   Lea Bolger Bree AC  
  Boys U10 300m Race 1   Girls U10 300m Race 2  
1 Oisin O’Brien North Cork   Ava Chandler Ballymore-Cobh   
2 Jayden Kenny Bree   Ruby Gallagher North Cork  
3 Liam Cregan Leevale   Daniele Puspure Leevale  
  Boys U11 300m Race 1   Girls U11 300m  
1 Odhran O’Sullivan Midleton   Naomi Ikpotokin St Micheal’s  
2 John Doyle Fanah   Orla O’Shaughnessy Dooneen  
3 Austin Tayoro Ballymore-Cobh    Rosemary Alamu Midleton  
  Boys U11 300m Race 2        
1 Ryan McCormick Ballymore-Cobh        
2 Jack Doody Ballymore-Cobh         
3 Diarmuid Bannon Leevale        
  Boys U12 600m   Girls U12 600m  
1 Keith McCarthy Doheny AC   Ava Fitzgerald Carrignavar  
2 Eoin O’Connor Belgooly   Fatima Amusa Leevale  
3 Timmy Colbert West Limerick   Amy McCarthy  Bandon  
      Clare Crowley  Leevale  
  Boys U13 600m   Girls U13 600m  
1 Dara Kennedy Newport   Aine Power Leevale  
2 Dan Andrews Bantry   Alex Cashman Youghal  
3 Callum Mcelhenney Bantry   Kate O’Keeffe Leevale  
  Boys U14 800m   Girls U14 800m  
1 Padric Spillane Carlow   Sarah Butler Dooneen  
2 Callum McCourt Bandon   Awiele Boshowslie Hogan North Cork  
3 Mark O’Riordan North Cork   Alex Cashman Youghal  
  Boys U15 800m   Girls U15 800m  
1 Adam O’Connor United Striclens   Susan Nestor Nenagh Olympic  
2 Nathan Cremin St. Mary’s   Holly Carroll Blarney-Inniscarra  
3 Ben O’Connor Leevale   Patrice Holmes Leevale  
  Boys U16 800m   Girls U16 800m  
1 Ray Prendeville Emerald   Corrine Kerny Carlow  
2 Aran Shorten Carlow   Rhona Randles Kenmare  
3 Aron Brown United St Nicles   Ellen Lynch Emerald  
  Boys U11  Long Jump   Girls U11  Long Jump  
1 Jake Doody Ballymore-Cobh 3.25 Aoifa Callan  Bandon 3.54
2 Orin Larkin Enniscorthy 3.22 Rosemary Alamu Midleton 3.53
3 Owen O’Callaghan Bandon 3.17 Aisling Cussen  Old Abbey  
        Girls U11  Long Jump  
1       Aisling Cussen   3.44
2       Aoife A????   3.42
3       Kate Murphy   3.29
  Boys U13  Long Jump   Girls U13  Long Jump  
1 Theo Desouza Carrignavar 4.48 Hanna Falvey Belgooly 4.05
2 Evan Hallavan Craughwell 4.33 Gabby Bowen Leevale 3.99
3 Joel Joseph Midleton 4.28 Orla Sullivan  Leevale 3.87
        Girls U15 Long Jump  
        Blessing Alamn   4.40
        Una Brice   4.11
        Sarah Cooper   3.85
  Boys U12  High Jump   Girls U12  High Jump  
1 Rory Moloney Togher 1.25 Leagh Moloney Dooneen 1.30
2 Timmy Colbert West Limerick 1.20 Sorcha Rilgannon Youghal 1.28
3 Evan Baumann Ballymore-Cobh  1.20 Maeve Fleming Leevale 1.25
  Boys U14  High Jump   Girls U14  High Jump  
1 Evan Hallinhan Craughwell 1.50 Jessica Lyne Leevale 1.40
2 George Alamu Midleton 1.35 Izzy Leahy Dooneen 1.30
3 Conor Callinan Leevale 1.30 Natasha Kilgannan Youghal 1.25
  Boys U16  High Jump   Girls U16 High Jump  
1 Reece Ademola Leevale 1.75 Orla Onoh Leevale 1.55
2 Wymin Sivakmar Leevale 1.70 Ella Dillon Dooneen 1.45
3 Jack Forde St. Killian’s 1.65 Sara Zia Buckley Leevale 1.40
  Boys U9  Turbo Javelin   Girls U9  Turbo Javelin  
1 Stephen O’Neill Skibbereen 13.86 Aine Frawley St. Mary’s 8.54
2 Calum Coffey Leevale 11.85 Faye Terry Old Abbey 7.91
3 Fionn Naughten Leevale 11.72 Jorsa Lannon  Togher 7.69
  Boys U10  Turbo Javelin        
1 Oscar Nuaghton Leevale 21.06      
2 Owen O’Callaghan Bandon 20.93      
3 Patrick Puspure Leevale 16.24      
        Girls U11  Turbo Javelin  
1       Katie Kingston Skibbereen 18.12
2       Stephanie Reid An Riocht 17.74
3       Abby Moynihan Leevale 16.65
  Boys U13 Javelin  Javelin   Girls U13 Javelin  Javelin  
1 Josh Fitzgerald Leevale 20.58 Kate Naughton Leevale 20.23
2 Finn Fitzgerald Leevale 15.29 Jessica Lyne Leevale 19.40
3       Selena O’Riordan Midleton 18.78
  Boys U14 Javelin  Javelin   Girls U14 Javelin  Javelin  
1 George Alamu Midleton 22.40 Helen Moynilian 26.00  
2 Jamie Murray Ballymore-Cobh  17.04      
3 Sean Hogan Ballymore-Cobh  13.16      
  Boys U16 Javelin  Javelin   Girls U16  Javelin  
1 Cathal Scanlon Waterford 44.42 Katelyn Reid An Riocht 33.53
2 Max Hallahan Bandon 36.53 Susan Nestor Nenagh Olympic 23.54
3 Cillian Griffin Tralee Harriers 14.50 Sophie Perrott North Cork 21.20
  Boys U13  Shot Putt   Girls U13  Shot Putt  
1 George Alamu Midleton 9.89 Katryna Pacerinskaite Fanahan McSweeney 9.12
2 Dinny McLean Midleton 7.90 Kate Naughton Leevale 7.62
3 Sean Carmody Belgooly 6.94 Nicole Clarke  Leevale 6.69
  Boys U15 Shot Putt   Girls U15  Shot Putt  
1 Jack Forde St. Killian’s 11.95 Sophie Perrott North Cork 11.61
2 Reece Ademola Leevale 10.93 Blessing Alamu Midleton 10.85
3 Sean O’Riordan Midleton 10.65 Susan Nestor Nenagh Olympic 9.22
  Boys U10  Relay   Girls U10  Relay  
1   Leevale     Dooneen  
2   Leevale     Ballymore-Cobh   
3   Dooneen     Dooneen  
  Boys U12 Relay   Girls U12  Relay  
1 Dooneen Dooneen      Leevale  
2   Ballymore-Cobh      Bandon  
3   North Cork     Dooneen  
  Boys U14  Relay   Girls U14  Relay  
1   Leevale     Leevale  
2   Midleton     Dooneen  
3   Belgooly     Dooneen  
  Boys U16  Relay        
1   Leevale        
2   Dooneen        
3   Leevale        


  • I had asked on the day and was told they would be published with the results the same as last year. It’s a pity it was the reason we travelled to this event, both of the competition and the timing.

  • Paul.
    Times are not available after the event.
    (They were available on request on the day).