Leevale Athletes On Top Form At Munster U14-U19 Championships

Leevale athletes had an amazing weekend at the Munster U14-U19 track & field championships held in Waterford last weekend with a total of 65 podium performances and many more athletes just short of a podium place. Wymin Sivakumar topped the medal table with four individual golds and three championship best performances in the 100m, 100m hurdles & triple jump.

Conor Morey also set a new record in the BU18 100m as did Harry Nevin in the 250m hurdles. 

Leevale Results

GU18          100m   3rd   Aishat Onilogbo 13.16  
GU15 200m 1st Lucy-May Sleeman 26.85  
GU14 800m 1st  Marie Hynes McLoclin 02:29.6  
GU14 800m 3rd Katie O’Keeffe 02:30.9  
GU14 1500m 1st Katie O’Keeffe 05:06.7  
GU14 1500m 2nd Maire Hynes Mcloclin 5:08.00  
BU17 100m  1st  Wymin Sivakumar 11.19 CBP
BU18 100m  1st  Conor Morey 10.92 CBP
BU18 100m  2nd  Colin Doyle 10.95  
BU19 100m 2nd Dave McInerney 11.29  
BU17 400M 1ST Shane Aherne 52.13  
BU19 800m  3rd  Ben Smith 02:06.1  
BU14 75mH 2nd Franco Umeh 12.85  
BU15 80mH 1st Harry Nevin 11.85  
BU15 80mH 3rd Colin Murphy 02:24.0  
GU15 80mH 2nd Ella Scott 12.67  
GU15 80mH 3rd Lucy-May Sleeman 12.39  
GU16 100mH 1st Emily Wall 12.38  
BU17  100mH 1st  Wymin Sivakumar 13.95 CBP
GU18 100mH 2nd Aisling Cassidy 15.49  
GU15 100m 1st  Ella Scott    
GU15 100m 2nd Lucy-May Sleeman    
GU16 100m 2nd Emily Wall 13.23  
BU15 100m 2nd Harry Nevin 12.38  
BU17 200m 2nd Daniel Hurley 23.79  
BU18 200m 1st Conor Morey 22.64  
BU18 200m 2nd Colin Doyle 23.12  
BU18 200m 3rd Marc Jones 23.25  
BU19 200m 2nd Dave McInerney 22.49  
BU15 200mH 1st Harry Nevin 33.58 CBP
BU15 200mH 3rd Conor Calnan 36.56  
GU15 250mH 1st Lucy-May Sleeman 38.00  
GU16 20mH 1st Emily Wall 38.42  
GU14 High Jump 2nd Jessica Lyne 1.45m  
GU18  High Jump 3rd Aisling Cassidy 1.55m  
GU15 Pole Vault 1st Una Brice 2.70m CBP
GU15 Pole Vault   Ciara Neff 2.15m  
GU16 Pole Vault 1st Sara Zia Buckley 2.40m  
GU14 Long Jump 3rd Gabriella Bowen 4.54m  
GU16 Long Jump 3rd Orlaith Onoh 4.63m  
GU18  Long Jump 2nd Aishat Onilogbo 5.05m  
GU16 Triple Jump 1st Orlaith Onoh 10.34m  
GU18 Triple Jump 2nd Aisling Cassidy 10.87m  
GU14 Hammer 2nd Kate Naughton 24.01m  
GU15 Javelin 3rd Helen Moynihan 31.65m  
GU19 Javelin 3rd Abbey Fitzgerald 28.00m  
BU14 High Jump 3rd Kyle Ettoh 1.55m  
BU16 High Jump 2nd Jonah Osobase 1.55m  
BU15 Pole Vault 1st Conor Calnan 2.80m  
BU14 Long Jump 3rd Kyle Ettoh 4.73m  
BU15 Long Jump 2nd Harry Nevin 5.55m  
BU17 Long Jump 1st Wymin Sivakumar 6.22m  
BU17 Long Jump 2nd Daniel Hurley 5.88m  
BU17 Triple Jump 1st Wymin Sivakumar 13.91m CBP
BU15  Shot Putt 2nd Harry Nevin 13.09m  
BU19 Shot Putt 2nd Padraig O’Callaghan 10.24m  
BU17 Discus 2nd James Kirkby 34.32m  
BU18 Discus 3rd Ryan Duggan 33.26m  
BU16 Hammer 1st Sean Naughton 38.66m  
BU17 Hammer 3rd  James Kirkby 37.85m  
BU19 Hammer 2nd Padraig O’Callaghan 48.07m  
BU17 Javelin 2nd James Kirkby 34.38m  
GU15 4x100m 1st   51.8  
GU16 4x100m 3rd   51.51  
GU18 4x100m 1st   57.8  
BU14 4x100m 1st   51.18 CBP


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  • Update , Una BRICE placed first and set a new record in the U15 Girls pole vault with a 2m70 vault