Juvenile Track and Field – Munster

Juvenile Athletes (revised 23/05)

The 2016 Track and Field competition season juvenile competitions continue with Munster Track & Field Championship. Different age groups are in different locations – Ennis or CIT.

Entry Listing:

Munster Championships:


  • Munster Relays are on with the individual events.

There were questions on the announcements at Cork County championships regarding patterned clothes. The following is taken from Munster handbook;

  • In general shorts should be single colour, not patterned. While a Nike/Adidas etc. logo is acceptable, multi- coloured or patterned shorts are not.

From the fixtures list, you can click through to each event website to get details on locations, times and days of various events. Check back to the Leevale Fixtures page as it is updated as details become available.


  • Entries for this particular competition submitted several weeks ago.
    There are limitations based on when the registration was made with Athletics Ireland. Please check with your coach.

  • Munster updated “order of events” and swopped just the u9, u10, u11 relays, since the “listing by day” was prepared in late April. “Listing by day” will be corrected. Thanks for letting us know.

  • The order of events schedule and the listing by day for Munster are both different ie u11 relay is listed on one as day 1 and the other day 2…??
    Valerie Healy.